• The general height of the desk is adjusted by long bolts-legs.
  • The height of the fixed table-top can be increased.
  • The moving table-top has 2 basic positions: "work" and "flight". Its movement is "viscous" enough to eliminate its casual displacement backwards-forward. In addition the table-top can be fixed by the screw in a chosen position. Its position in the "working" mode is regulated freely concerning the optimum distance to the monitor.
  • The height of the side stands for game devices is chosen individually so that to keep a convenient seat. The chosen height depends on game devices and armchair height, and personal preferences too.
  • The default distance between left and right side stands = 54 cm (21.3 in). It's possible to reduce it, thus supports will be above the seat and very close to the hips. The controls would get closer to the body, and the hands would be positioned as straight as possible.
  • The central stand (for the TV, subwoofer) is fixed at the chosen height. Used with the TV, the support extends out of dimensions of the desk.
  • The bottom stand (for the pedals) is fixed at the chosen height (depends on the legs length and convenient position of the body). The stand is moving forward/backwards.
  • Position of the external side stand can be adjusted in 3 directions. Its basic placement variants are - level with the fixed table-top and level with the moving one.